Providing industry with the next generation of HCI and mixed reality robotic technologies

We work on virtualizing and automating the factory. For example, the Collaborative Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems lab focuses on research related to cooperative robotics in industrial applications and healthcare environments. The CARIS research agenda covers industrial robot controls and smooth trajectory planning to developing novel methods for human-robot interaction that utilize mixed reality systems and other innovative approaches to sensing, control, motion and task planning. Integrating these systems into adaptive production lines is a separate data science challenge in its own right where new management systems are required to handle the massive amounts of data generated by the cyber-physical environment of modern manufacturing.

Team Balance


The CARIS lab pursues world-class experimental research to advance the science of human-robot interaction (HRI). Our positioning within one of the top universities in Canada and indeed in the world, combined with our excellent research facilities, including a Willow Garage PR2 (the only one in Canada), two Barrett WAM™ 7DOF robot arms and grippers, a unique robotic virtual reality environment to study human balance, and a room-sized integrated force and motion capture system, among other advanced sensing, control and actuation equipment, allow us to examine and answer impactful and novel research questions in HRI.

Minesense Technologies

MineSense Technologies was launched in 2008 by UBC graduate – Andrew Bamber. The company is a pioneer in industrial IOT, specializing in real-time sensing and analytics systems that integrate directly into existing mining shovels. In field trials, the company demonstrated that its advanced systems can increase profits at a single mine site dramatically, between $20m -$200m annually. In 2017, MineSense raised $19m in series B financing, including investment from Caterpillar Venture Capital


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Human-robot interactions
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