AMGM builds on UBC’s century-long history of manufacturing expertise and innovation in the transportation sector.

The AMGM Institute, hosted at the University of British Columbia, focuses on advanced manufacturing and materials research for the transportation sector and its high-value manufacturing supply chains. It identifies, researches and resolves advanced manufacturing problems on behalf of its industrial partners. Around 70 companies undertake collaborative research projects focused on private sector needs, from global aerospace giants such as Boeing, Rolls Royce and Bombardier, automotive companies such as Toyota, GM, Ford and Daimler, to Canadian small and medium-sized businesses such as Ballard, Westport and PAVAC. The centre also works with hundreds of other manufacturers on specific research projects. AMGM operates in a global network of research institutes, and has established a number of elite academic partnerships to facilitate and advance knowledge creation and translation.

AMGM researchers work with individual companies on specific projects, and collaborate on generic projects for the benefit of all members, using the Institute’s array of state-of-the-art equipment. R&D themes and topics are determined in collaboration with industrial partners. This ensures that work is focused on commercial requirements, and provides lasting value to members.